Joining the Club

Schutzhund is a challenging and rewarding discipline that requires a lot of time and energy from both the dog and the handler. It is more than a casual sport, it is a way of life. Just like any other competitive sport, Schutzhund demands regular and consistent training to achieve success. No one can expect to master an athletic field, a racetrack, or an alpine slope without years of practice and dedication. Schutzhund is no different.

Membership is by invitation, preceded by an evaluation period. We will assess your dog's suitability for the sport based on their drives, nerve stability, physical ability, and temperament. We will also evaluate your compatibility with our club's culture and values. You need to demonstrate that you can develop a strong relationship with your dog, follow instructions, and commit to training both with the club and on your own time. The dog and handler are evaluated on their ability to obtain a minimum IGP1 title.

Our club's mission is to promote Schutzhund as a sport and a breeding suitability test. We train together, support each other, and celebrate our achievements with our dogs. We are not a paid service, we are a community of volunteers who share our passion and knowledge. Club dues are used to fund seminars, trials, training locations, equipment, and other expenses.

If you are interested in beginning an evaluation, we invite you to visit us during one of our regularly scheduled club trainings. You can find our schedule and training locations on our events page.

We ask that you leave your 4 legged friends home the first time you visit.