Schutzhund stands apart from all other dog sports primarily by the protection phase. It is in protection that the dog's drives are ultimately tested. Without our helpers there is no Schutzhund. You can teach your dog obedience - by yourself. You can teach your dog to track - by yourself. You can teach a dog agility, hunting, retrieving - all by yourself. But you absolutely can not teach Schutzhund, and specifically the protection phase, by yourself. What is a helper? A helper is the person that wears the scratch pants, puts the arm on and gives your dog the grip. But a helper can be and must be more than that. The helper is your co-trainer. The helper must read the dog's drive state, must interpret what response or action is needed for the particular moment, particular lesson at any given time. All in split seconds. As the handler you watch your dog work from behind, while the helper sees the dog's eyes.

Every helper brings to the table their own skill set, their own abilities, strengths and input. MVSV has been blessed over the years with excellent helpers. Our helpers have helped put our dogs, and our club, on the international map. As handlers we can take our helpers for granted. It rarely feels adequate to just say thank you - but we must not take our helpers for granted or stop giving them our gratitude. MVSV is proud to have with us the skilled helpers you see on these pages.

MVSV keeps an open door to all potential helpers. Anyone interested in this exciting, challenging, physical sport is welcome to come join us at training and explore the adrenaline rush of working dogs. We would love to see you!

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